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Mushroom Season

Inoculating the logs for the new mushroom farm.

Thanks @alexdesigns for your help!

Prepping for Spring

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Thanks to a mild Winter, we were able to get a jump start at prepping the farm for Spring. After 20 cubic yards of steaming hot compost, we’re off to a great start. Coffee compost supplied by our friends at … Continue reading

Brooklyn BBQ

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An entire pig was purchased right here in Carroll Gardens. After fashioning a make-shift fire pit from barbed wire and bricks in the parking lot, the pig roast was on! Who says there’s no authentic BBQ up north. Let’s just say … Continue reading

Welcome and Thanks For Your Support

As you can see, the Brody Farm website is under construction but we hope to have it up running very soon!

Thanks for your continued support, stay tuned!

Eco-friendly denim tote bags

$30 Donation you choose your favorite design

Fresh Garden Salsa

2 Lbs Of Tomatoes (Dark Red, Plums Or Mix Of Varieties)

Fresh Cilantro

 1 T Cumin

 Kosher/Sea Salt (To Taste)

 1 Lime

 Jalapeno Pepper

 1 Sweet Onion

 Fresh Corn Optional


  •  Ideally made in a food processor LIGHTLY processed
  •  Cut tomatoes in quarters
  •  Put in a bunch of tomatoes along with handful of cilantro, handful of onions. CHOP for a few seconds.
  •  Add salt, pepper, squeeze of lime, cumin and tiny bit of jalapeno
  •  CHOP again.
  •  Keep doing this and taste as you go along to balance salt, lime and hot peppers
  •  Consistency should be a fine chop, small pieces but not too runny




The Brody Farm at the Red Hook Houses

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