Fresh Garden Salsa

2 Lbs Of Tomatoes (Dark Red, Plums Or Mix Of Varieties)

Fresh Cilantro

 1 T Cumin

 Kosher/Sea Salt (To Taste)

 1 Lime

 Jalapeno Pepper

 1 Sweet Onion

 Fresh Corn Optional


  •  Ideally made in a food processor LIGHTLY processed
  •  Cut tomatoes in quarters
  •  Put in a bunch of tomatoes along with handful of cilantro, handful of onions. CHOP for a few seconds.
  •  Add salt, pepper, squeeze of lime, cumin and tiny bit of jalapeno
  •  CHOP again.
  •  Keep doing this and taste as you go along to balance salt, lime and hot peppers
  •  Consistency should be a fine chop, small pieces but not too runny





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