Brody Farm….The Cake

In honor of our founder Seth’s birthday, a Dirt Cake to replicate the farm was created. It was as delicious as it was cute (and accurate!) Check out the recipe…

Chocolate “Dirt” Cake

You can of course make the cake from scratch, but I used a box mix of Devil’s Food Duncan Hines and Chocolate Icing in a can.

1 Bag of oreos

Either Piriouette chocolate straw cookies (you can also use Pretzel logs)

To decorate: gummy worms, strawberries & flowers, red hots (look like tomatoes), candy rocks, fresh mint

Crush the bag of oreos until fine in a food processor (the white cream will disappear)

Ice the bottom layer of the cake and sprinkle a light layer of the cookies

Place the second layer of cake and ice the top

Sprinkle a thick layer of cookies on top of the fresh and moist icing (sticks better)

Ice the sides and as you ice, stick a twig cookies on using additional icing as glue, do this all around the cake

Pour remaining cookie crumbs on top and add rows of red hots, rocks and worms. Stick the berries and flowers on tooth picks and insert. Using fresh mint add around the flowers and berries so it looks like leaves.



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  1. Absolutely awesome. Just like all my children..

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