The Brody Farm is a Not for Profit Urban Farm located at 650 Clinton Street in the NYCHA Red Hook Public Housing.Free produce is given away at no cost to the tenants and employees when available.

It began 6 years ago when resident of the Red Hook Houses, Mrs. Eva Doyle passed away. She tended to the most amazing garden in front of her building #770 for over 30 years. When she passed away, sadly the garden in front of her building went unattended. I introduced myself to her grandchildren and friends and then began to revive the garden to its former glory. Unfortunately, the trees had grown so much, that the sun just was not peeking through like it used to. I decided to then met with the NYCHA in order to gain permission to revive the empty lot next to the garbage compactors that had never be used or developed. After some irrigation, soil amendments, mulch and comprehensive soil tests performed by the Brooklyn College, Dept. of Geology I was in business.

I grow for the enjoyment and public service, so the produce is donated to any resident who comes by the garden and simply asks. So if you live near by and would like some tasty, fresh veggies, swing by and introduce yourself. 

With financial donations and the help of interested friends and neighbors, we hope to grow bigger and more diversified crops as well as expand our personal line of  homemade products.

If you are interested in helping out in any way, shape or form, let me know. No contribution or assistance is too small!

Best, Seth